Mail2Wordpress is a plugin/script for WordPress 2.7  that allows you (with some configuration) to email updates to your blog–and it works with image attachments.


  • Email to your blog
  • Handles image attachments
  • – images are added to the Media Library
  • – images can be resized
  • Authentication of emails smartly restricts who can post by email.
  • Proper handling of international text encodings.
  • Fully compatible with WP 2.7

While WordPress actually ships with this feature (wp-mail.php), it does not handle images, and has no authentication security.

Downloads and Versions

Mail2Wordpress is currently under development and testing. A public release is planned for the near future. No versions are publicly available.

Current internal version: 0.5-RC1

June 7, 2009. version 0.5 adds whitelist security. Only emails from the whitelist are accepted into the blog.  Public release is coming soon!